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The Internship Program

We make you an offer you can’t refuse. Marketing is a crucial function in all businesses and organizations, and is becoming increasingly vital for success in our modern global economy. Regardless of your academic background, through this 7 week online internship you will learn core concepts and tools to excel in marketing. All we need from you is passion and willingness to work hard. Bring out your inner creativity and come on board!


Run real world marketing campaigns, execute tasks and receive personalized feedbacks.


Work alongside your studies for 5-6 hours every week, at your convenience .


Use the interface to complete and submit tasks online, get evaluated and top the leaderboard.


Assured certificates and letter of recommendation on successful completion, with prospects of a full time job.

What will you be learning?

Our internship is gamified. As a fresh recruit, you will execute tasks, move up the progress ladder to eventually become a Brand Ambassador. At every stage you will be exposed to marketing fundamentals like:

Why this Internship?


Gain experience while still in college before being entrusted with marketing responsibilities.

Alumni Connect

Interact with our alumni and learn more about your field of interest and potential opportunities .


Get one-on-one career guidance from industry experts and have your queries addressed. .


Explore and learn essential skills that are key to marketing success.


Earn accolades, a recommendation letter and an internship completion certificate.


Working with us will open you to real world challenges in the field of marketing.

How to apply?

Applicants are subject to three step selection process for becoming a part of our internship program. To apply, follow the steps mentioned below.


1. Application Form

Fill out the primary form with basic details about yourself. The aforementioned form will be given below.


2. Written Assignment

Every applicant undergoes a written assignment, which tests their knowledge and awareness about the brand.


3. Telephonic Interview

This is the final test. Applicants must answer the questions asked in this automated telephonic interview to safeguard their position

We are currently closed for application

You can apply for our other internship


Incase you're inquisitive to know

Is this a paid internship?

One is entitled to a certificate at the end of the internship. Also, you will receive points against every task you complete (variable points for different tasks). Once you attain a total of 3000 points, you are entitled to receive a cash reward at the end of the internship You can track your progress on the leaderboard to see where you stand.

Who Can Be An Intern?

College students, graduate students, and undergraduate students can apply. Irrespective of the course you’re pursuing, whether you’re a junior or senior, freshman or sophomores you can reach out to us.Having several internships while in college can be very impressive to potential employers.

Will I be offered a job?

We do extend full-time job offers to exceptional interns, though this is not guaranteed and is the exception rather than the norm. To better your chances of this happening, be proactive in your work, pay attention to detail, be willing to listen and pay attention to feedback.

What are the benefits of student work experience?

Internship experience is valuable for exploring fields of work which you may wish to enter after graduation. Work experience helps you establish professional contacts in a potential field of interest. You will be able to demonstrate work setting accomplishments in your resume.

How many hours do I have to work as a student?

When classes are in session,you have to work for no more than 7 hours/week. With this internship, beyond coursework and extracurricular activities you will be able to save some time for yourself.

Can I include this internship in my resume?

All your experiences related to this particular internship can be included on your resume. The skills you will learn here will be coherent with the experience that employers are looking for.

How does this aid my career in marketing?

Your future employers will value skills developed through academic work, volunteer experiences, extracurricular experiences, and most importantly internships which will give you practical experience with real-world responsibilities.

What is my job profile going to be?

You will be working at the position of a marketing intern and will execute our brand campaign both on social media and offline.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

For further queries, contact us at query@internapp.in.

What do people have to say?

Wonder how this has worked with students ? Listen to what they have to say.

"The thought of doing an internship via the intern app is unconventional. But I must say, this internship has taught me a lot about marketing. Also, the free mentorship session has helped me decide my career."

Radhika Agarwal, Student
@Shri Shikshayatan College

"Being a newbie to marketing, the internship gave me the ultimate platform to learn and explore various marketing skills. So much so that I can actually think of making a career in this field."

Poorva Bajaj, Student
@Bhawanipore College

"InternApp's seven-week digital marketing internship helped me to understand how different companies do digital marketing in real life. It was a really good experience."

Tanumoy Bar, Student
@IIT kharagpur